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How User Limits Work

If your plan includes a set number of users, these are the details.

All MxU Team plans fall within one of these pricing tiers based on the number of user licenses needed at the initial point of subscribing. The maximum number of users paid for under each pricing tier is known as your “user limit.” Users with the status “active” will count towards your user limit, which always includes the Team Owner and Team Leads.

Team Owners and Team Leads are welcome to provision users beyond your plan’s user limit at any time. However, doing so will trigger automatic plan sizing.

When approaching and reaching your user limit, the Team Owner will be notified in-app and via email when:

  • your plan has one user license remaining.

  • your plan’s user limit has been met.

User licenses may be transferred by deactivating the user you’d like to transfer the license from and inviting the new user to activate the transferred license.

When decreasing your user limit, your team will be automatically downsized (users will be deactivated) to meet your new user limit. For more details on decreasing user limits, check out the Changing Subscription Plans article.