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Team Member Limits

Each MxU plan includes limit to the number of team members you can invite.

All MxU plans fall within one of these pricing tiers based on the number of team members needed. The maximum number of members paid for under each pricing tier is known as your “team member limit.” Members with the status “active” will count towards your member limit, which always includes the Owner and Admins.

When approaching and reaching your member limit, the Owner will be notified in-app and via email when:

  • Your plan has one member remaining.

  • Your plan’s member limit has been met.

If you need to make space on your team for new members, simply deactivate inactive members on your team or upgrade for a higher team member limit.

When decreasing your member limit, your team will be automatically downsized (members will be deactivated) to meet your new member limit. For more details on decreasing member limits, check out the Changing Subscription Plans article.