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Changing Subscription Plans

Switching your billing interval and/or plan type.

There are a few pricing and plan options available for MxU. If you're ever not sure which plan you're subscribed to, you can navigate here and select Manage Subscription. Whether you're subscribed monthly or annually, your subscription plan can be changed at any time.


When upgrading your subscription plan, your new plan cost will be prorated and your billing period will be reset immediately.


When downgrading your subscription plan, your existing plan will remain active through the end of your current billing period. When your renewal date is reached, your plan will change and you'll be billed accordingly.


If you downgrade, you'll lose access to some MxU features. Depending on your current plan, and the one you're changing to, some or all of the following could happen:

  • Current members on your team may be deactivated (for example, if you're downgrading from a plan with unlimited members to one with a set number)

  • Current Admins may have their role changed to Member

  • If the number of seats on your new plan is lower than on your existing plan, we’ll keep as many members as possible (in the following priority order) and deactivate the rest:

    • The Owner

    • Any members with advanced roles (if applicable)

    • Non-deactivated members, starting with those who most recently activated their MxU accounts

  • members who lose access as a result of a plan downgrade will receive an email letting them know why they can no longer log in. They are still free to start their own subscription, or join other teams that have room for them, and will retain their watch history when they do.

  • You and any team members will lose access to anything you created using features not included in your new plan (Custom Courses, Assignments, etc.). These items are available again should you move to a plan that includes them in the future, barring events that require reassignment or removal of data (deletion of a member account, a request for data removal, feature upgrades that change the underlying data model, etc.).

Change MxU Plan