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User Roles

Details and how to change a user's role

This article applies to users on MxU Team plans only.

Every user on your team can have one of three roles, each granting different abilities.

The Team Owner is the primary billing contact on your MxU subscription. If you're the one who created your team's MxU account, that's you. Only the Team Owner can view and manage billing information, manage the team's subscription, and manage other users' roles (Team plan only). Each team can only have one Team Owner. If you need somebody else to be the Team Owner on your team's account instead of you, contact support using the chat in the bottom-right corner of this (and any other) page.

Users have basic access to your Team plan and can enjoy all MxU content, watch custom courses (Team plan only), get notifications in their MxU Inbox, and receive Assignments (Team plan only).

Team Leads (Team plan only) can handle basic team administrative work, like inviting users, viewing and sharing your Team Invitation Link, creating custom courses (Team plan only), and sending and managing Assignments (Team plan). They can also deactivate users with the User role (only the Team Owner can deactivate Team Leads). Note: Just like a Team Owner, Team Leads can see the email address of all team members.

If you're the Team Owner and you're on the MxU Team plan, you can promote any User on your team to Team Lead from the Team Members page.

When a team member's role is changed, they receive an email and notification in their MxU Inbox. Their new abilities take effect immediately. If you demote a Team Lead back to User, anything they've created (like a custom playlist) will remain available to your entire team.