What are Card Actions?

Customize which quick action buttons appear on cards in each stage of your Onboarding workflow

In your Onboarding workflow, there's probably a stage where you like to add the new volunteer to MxU so they can start learning alongside the rest of your team. And it might not make sense to add someone right away, when they're still deciding if production is interesting to them. You can configure Card Actions for each stage to make that easy (and so you don't have to remember where to do what).

Here you can see that the "Invite to Team" Card Action is turned on for the "In-Person Meeting" stage, meaning cards in that stage have the "Invite to Team" quick action button.

CleanShot 2023-04-07 at 09.19.21

When the card is moved to a stage with no Card Actions configured, the "Invite to Team" quick action is hidden.

CleanShot 2023-04-07 at 09.24.32

Configuring Card Actions

  1. From your Onboarding board, click the three-dot button at the top right of a stage
  2. Select "Card Actions"
  3. Toggle on or off individual actions you want to show or hide for cards in that stage

Invite to Team

This action sends an invitation email to the contact so they can set a password and log in to MxU. It has the same effect as sending an invitation with the "Invite a New member" link in the top-right (your picture) dropdown, or from the Team Members page.

When prospective new volunteers submit their information through the Onboarding board's Form Link, they don't take up a seat on your team and can't log in to MxU. You need to use a Card Action to add them as full members.

Send Assignment

This action assigns a pre-selected course to the member. If they haven't been added to your team yet, it will also send an invitation to become a full MxU member. If you've already used the "Invite to Team" action, it will just send the assignment.

You can choose any course, including custom courses. The same course gets assigned to everyone you use this action on, in this one stage.

In the default Onboarding workflow, the stage "Welcome Assignment" has this action pre-configured to send a short course called "Welcome to Production". You can change this, of course.

Consider duplicating the "Welcome to Production" MxU course and adding a personal welcome as a custom video at the start. Check out some more tips here.

Disabled Card Action Buttons

You may see a disabled quick action button that you can't click, with a check mark, like this:

CleanShot 2023-04-07 at 09.44.34@2x

That means you've run this action for this card before.

You can't use the Invite to Team action twice on the same contact (since they're already invited at that point). If they need another email invitation, choose "Send reminder email" from the "Actions" dropdown on your Team Members page.

You can configure separate Send Assignment actions for different stages. If you see this disabled button for the Send Assignment action, that means you've already used that action in that stage. If you need to remind someone about the assignment you've already sent, use a Nudge.