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Uploading your own videos to MxU

Your content lives right alongside MxU's library

To make MxU a truly powerful resource for your team, upload your own videos alongside MxU's library. You can assign your own videos, track their watch history, and add them to courses exactly the same way you would with the videos MxU provides.

How To Upload A Video

Watch this quick walkthrough video for the best overview, or read through the steps in detail below.

Note: to upload videos, or manage already uploaded videos, you must have a Admin or Owner role and be on a plan that includes custom videos.


To start, load your Settings page.
Click the "Videos" tab under "Custom Content". If you don't see this option, make sure you have a Owner or Admin role and that your plan includes Custom Videos. Contact support if you have questions.

Click "Upload New Video". Note that this page also shows how much storage you have left (bottom-left). For more about storage calculations, see this article.

Start by selecting a video file to upload. MOV and MP4 files are allowed. 16x9 (landscape) aspect ratio works best. Avoid vertical videos, since the player is always shown in 16x9 format and a vertical video will be too small after it's automatically column-boxed for playback.

After a video file is uploaded, it takes a bit of time to process on the server side (usually around a couple of minutes, based on the length of the video). This happens in the background, whether you're actively using MxU or not. You can't publish a video until this processing is completed, but you can add the rest of the video's information, like writing a description and uploading custom cover art. If you continue, you'll see the file's processing status in the bottom-left corner of the following steps. Chances are, by the time you're done adding the video's information, the processing will be done. You can even close the tab / browser window and come back later.

You can also have multiple videos processing at the same time. Choosing "Upload Another" will leave the current video processing in the background and take you to a fresh version of the same page, where you can upload another file and have them both processing at the same time, in the background. This is perfect for uploading a batch of existing videos, or if you just want to come back and edit the details later.

Of course, you can also just move on to the next step! To see each step in detail, watch the quick walkthrough video at the top of this article.

After you finish adding the video information, you'll have a chance to review everything and make changes before publishing to your team. If you're returning to add information for video you had uploaded previously, you'll skip the step-by-step editing and be taken straight to this page.

When you're ready, choose "Publish Video" from the "Actions" dropdown at the top or using the "Publish Video" button at the bottom. If there are any missing required fields, you'll see a reminder to finish them. You may also see suggestions to improve the video in yellow. These aren't required for publishing but are highly recommended.

By default (as you see in the screenshot), publishing a new video will notify everyone on your team. You can switch this toggle off before hitting "Publish Video" if you don't want that to happen. Members can also choose not to receive these notifications, even if this toggle is on.

After a video is published, it will appear in search, the Explore page, be eligible for recommendations, and is ready to Assign or add to Courses. Remember that the entire description is searchable, too!


Ready to upload? Start from your video list here or check out our suggestions for the first few (easy) videos you should add.