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How to invite many new members to your team by sharing one URL

The following is exclusively relevant to Owners and Admins.

Sometimes it's easier to invite your whole team at once, instead of sending individual invitation emails (especially with volunteers or team members who don't check email often).

You can share a unique invitation code anywhere you communicate with your team — like a group text, Slack workspace, or a mass email — anywhere you can paste text.

Finding Your Invitation Link

From your Team Member List, click Copy Invite Link and share it with your team. (Note: team members won't see this button.)

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Signing Up From An Invitation Link

When somebody loads that link, they'll see this page, with the quick steps to get their account set up.


When they submit this basic account information, they'll get an email with a link to confirm their email, after which they can set a password.

After that, they're all set up and can start learning!

Find My Invitation Link

Please note that sharing this code outside of your volunteer / staff team at your church, like in a public social media post, is a violation of fair use and can result in your account being suspended or terminated.