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Sending a Nudge

Remind users to complete Assignments with a personal message.

If a member hasn't completed an Assignment after a while, Owners and Admins can send a Nudge to get them back on track.

Sending a Nudge

You can Nudge a member from any Assignment Report Card. Click the three dots in the corner and select "Nudge". If this option doesn't appear, it's because the member is deactivated, or has completed the Assignment.

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If it's been a significant amount of time since you sent an Assignment, and the member hasn't been Nudged recently, MxU will highlight that Assignment Report Card and suggest that you Nudge the member.

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The member will get an in-app and email notification containing your message and a link to view the Assignment. When they see the Assignment page, your message will be front-and-center.

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Helping You Nudge The Right Way

If that member has been nudged recently, whether by you or someone else, you'll see a warning when writing the Nudge. Avoid Nudging a member frequently, as they might dismiss the notification as noise. Remember, they're already getting automatic reminders about their open Assignments every Monday, so treat a Nudge like the next level of reminder.

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Nudge Multiple members at Once

You can also Nudge everyone you'd sent an Assignment to that hasn't completed it yet. Choose "Nudge..." from the Actions dropdown on an Assignment page to select all incomplete members.

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Nudge and Assignments are available to members on Team plans only.