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I'm On A Solo Plan. Can I Try MxU Team?

Starting a 14-day trial of MxU Team as an existing Solo customer

Yes! Anyone on a Solo plan can start a free trial of the full MxU platform for as many users as they want. You'll see a link to start a trial on your billing settings page* and on some feature previews (marked with the ✨ icon).

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Once you confirm that you want to start your trial, you'll have full access to MxU and can start inviting your team, creating custom playlists, sending assignments, and watching your team grow.

What happens when my trial is up?

After 14 days, your plan will be automatically upgraded to the annual Team plan that best fits the number of users you've invited at that time. If you haven't had time to add users yet, you'll be upgraded to a 5-seat plan, since that's the closest Team plan for 1 user.

At the time of upgrade, the card on file will be charged for the difference between your current plan and the best-fit Team plan, pro-rated to the rest of your current subscription.


Let's say you're on an annual Solo plan now, which is $228 a year, and you're halfway through the year of that subscription.

  1. You start a trial of MxU Team and invite 7 more users, bringing your total to 8.
  2. The smallest Team plan to fit your 8 users is Team 10, which is $828 per year ($69 / month paid upfront).
  3. After 14 days, your card will be charged for six months of a Team 10 annual subscription minus the six months you've already paid for as a part of your annual Solo subscription (the time remaining).
  4. In this example, that would be $414 - $114 = $300.
  5. After the rest of that six months is up, your team will be renewed on Team 10, unless you change your plan manually in billing settings* before then.

Can I cancel a trial?

At any time during your trial, you can cancel and you will not be upgraded and charged. From your billing settings page, hit the Cancel Trial button and confirm.

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Any users you've invited will be immediately deactivated, and you'll lose access to any features you've been using that aren't a part of your prior Solo plan.

*If you don't see a link to start a trial or change your plan, you many be one of a few users on a legacy billing system. Let support know and we can get that sorted out!