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Creating Custom Courses

Build your training curriculum with MxU content.

With a Team plan, you can create Custom Courses that are only available to your members. Just like MxU-created Courses like "I'm New To Audio", "Choosing the Right Camera", and "Master the Snare Drum", you can do the same by choosing any videos from the MxU library, ordering exactly how you want, and publishing to your team. You can assign custom courses just like MxU-created courses, as well.

For a great overview of creating and editing Custom Courses, check out this video. You'll see the whole process of building a Custom Course for new video volunteers, and how to customize the Course's look with image uploads and more.

You can create and add videos to Custom Courses from all over MxU as well. Check this video out for shortcuts to getting Custom Courses built out.

This article is relevant to members with a Owner or Admin role.