Advanced Assignments FAQ

The details of this powerful feature

How much content should I add to an assignment?

There isn't a strict limit on how large an assignment can be, but you should keep your members in mind when building them. Shorter assignments are more likely to be completed, and completing multiple short assignments can give a great sense of momentum, as opposed to watching the same amount of content but in one long assignment.

How many people should I include in one assignment?

As many as makes sense! A great part of Assignments in MxU is that people assigned the same thing at the same time can see each other's progress, which can encourage them to finish up sooner. It also comes down to your use case. If you're using an assignment to gauge a prospective volunteer's interest, maybe keep that one to just the one member. If there's a newly release video that you want your whole team so see, add them all!

When should I start assigning content to people on my team?

Assignments can be helpful no matter the skill level of the person receiving them. If you assign something to someone before they've become familiar with MxU, it can help guide them to their first "win" in the app. The less time somebody's either been a part of your team, or been active in MxU, the shorter (that is, with less content included) you might want Assignments to be.

What if someone has already completed the content I'm sending them?

If you send an Assignment that one or more of the recipients has already completed before you sent it (they'd happened to watch the Course you're sending out, for example), you'll see a special status message in the Report Card view for those members. Also, that team member will get a notification in their MxU Inbox, but not an email.

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What if I assign a custom course and then change it after an assignment is sent?

In general, you should change Custom Courses infrequently, if at all. If a Custom Course is changed after assignments that include that Course have been sent, one of two things will happen:

  • For members who have completed that Course (whether or not it makes up the entire Assignment), that completion will stand.

  • For members who have not yet completed that Course, they'll now have to complete the Course the way it looks after your changes.

Can I add people to an assignment?

If you need to assign the same content to another member of your team, you can duplicate that assignment and send it to additional members. There's more on that here (just look for "Can I add more members to an assignment I've already sent?").